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Altus’ Vision

Altus Wines is dedicated to the elevation of wine offerings in Western Canada.  Altus strives to do so via both the private and government-owned retail channels, and at distinguished dining hotspots throughout the market. The company’s home office is in Vancouver, BC.

“Altus” has three meanings in Latin:  High, Noble, Deep/Profound

These adjectives capture the essence of our company perfectly.

Altus as it relates to our wines:

1)    High: While some but not all of our wines are from “high-up” vineyards—whether in absolute altitude terms or perched high on a slope, and therefore being only relatively high-up — we want them all to bring the same experience to the drinker as wines from high-up often bring: i.e., a certain structure, “freshness” and vivacity, as well as purity of fruit.

2)    Noble: Wines with noble origins, not only in terms of grape varieties (vitis vinifera), but also noble in the sense of being as respectful to humans’ and grapes’ common environment as possible.  These wines, happily, not only leave a positive imprint on our planet, but on the drinker too!

3)    Deep/profound: Vines with deeper roots are likely to benefit from more regular water supply, which not only improves a wine’s balance and adds to its complexity, but  also ensures better “performance” and steadiness in the wine’s quality from vintage to vintage.  Wine-producing vines on slopes or in higher altitudes often lack sufficient nutrients in the top level of the soil, which results in the roots growing down to a greater depth.  Older vines also tend to have deeper roots. Therefore, we strive to carry wines that are either from older vines or wines grown on slopes at higher altitudes, or a combination of both.


Altus’ Team

olivier-bw-500cOlivier Baenninger


Olivier is a dynamic individual with diverse international experience in sales management and business development in the fine wine industry. He is a graduate of McGill and is fluent in three languages ideal for work in wine from a Vancouver base: English and French, plus spoken Mandarin Chinese.

It was at the beginning of Olivier’s six-week winemaking stint in France in 2007, at the winery making arguably the best “Croze-Hermitage” (and an “Hermitage” rated 99 by Wine Spectator), Maison Alain Graillot, that Olivier had one his biggest wine revelations.  Parker had just been to Graillot’s the morning Olivier arrived to do one of his legendary 120-bottle tastings, and that evening, Mr. Graillot very generously served wines to the staff that cost more than most people’s monthly salary, convincing Olivier that his enthusiasm was not misplaced and that he was in the right business!

Olivier spent the last four years in Beijing, China, before emigrating to Vancouver in early 2012. He worked closely with a high-end international F&B clientele consisting of five-star hotels and upscale restaurants, creatively bringing wines to that young, growing market that would be considered “naive” by Canada’s more advanced standards for wine appreciation. He did so through wine dinners (at Maison Boulud, Aman resort, Fook Lam Moon, Beijing’s newest Shangri-La, to name a few), TV appearances, staff trainings, and press events for interesting wine growers visiting China, all based on his own belief in and passion for the wines he represented.

And there’s no doubt that Olivier needed a large dose of passion and vision to explain bio-dynamics, for example, to crowds of high-net worth potential clients whose main concern about a wine’s worthiness revolved around whether it was dry or sweet, white or red, and AOC or not!

Olivier’s four years in Asia were very successful on all fronts, and China was a fun and challenging market to sell to.  As a matter of fact, Olivier has a Chinese wife he met in Beijing…but now that he’s back in Canada, here in Vancouver, Olivier wishes nothing more than to put his hard-earned stripes to work, and to meet the new challenge of adapting himself to the expanding market here to bring you wines with the gauge of quality and honesty that he is accustomed to dealing with.



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